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Phony Friends aka. 9am-5pm friends = SHADY Characters

Out With The Old…In With the NEW….2009 Edition

Disclaimer: The following views and opinions are those shared by ME, Experienced by ME and no harm is intended to anyone. If you or your friends happen to fall in any of these categories then I suggest you use your time in taking it as food for thought and better yourself to salvage your current friendships or new friendships you will make in the future. I cant say that I have lost many friends in my life but when I thought about it, I lost a few best friends to the SAME type of stuff I listed below. We are NEVER to old to mature, and the type of people you have in your circle will eventually make an effect on your life bad or good…YOU make the choice for yourself……I've already made mines, sorry!!!

1. LIARS: Even If you like them or love them, a LIAR has got to go!! What do you need to lie for? We cannot judge people no matter what they do, any real friend can have an opinion on what decisions you make, so do what you do, smoke crack, sleep with whoever you wanna sleep with and do so with confidence. The most a true friend can do is be disappointed with you, but life goes on, you need true friends to help you see certain truths in the world whether you wanna hear it or not so you better appreciate it. I rather be seen as a dummy for the decisions I make than be seen as a liar because I do something and try to lie to a friend or partner about it…they'll know the truth sooner or later. Most friends can pretty much figure when their friend is lying or WITHHOLDING the FULL truth.

My advice for those who witness this is to just keep or choose friends who can keep it real with you 100%, Anyone can find a common associate who can give a half of a story if that's what you like to hear. But if you seek TRUE friends then go for the person who can keep it real with you through thick and thin, promotes less stress or drama when people are just honest.

2. Im SURE some of you have witnessed or have done this once upon a time but seriously, have you ever witnessed those type of friends who are cuddled up so much with their boo you would assume they have no friends or they have temp agency friends aka 9-5 friends

I made these terms up myself cause that's exactly what it is. Ya'll got friends who use to be cool as hell BEFORE they found them a partner, but after they found the partner then…..you know the rest. Aint nothing wrong with accepting the fact that a friend will be less available after the fact but damn…some people become missing in action as if their mate is the only person worthy enough to hear from them through call or text on an average average. If you got a man or a woman and you can't reply to texts or answer your phone when your friends try to call you then you're a sad excuse for a friend if the person did consider you a friend. Somebody might need a person to talk to because they are having hard times but OOPS….your friend is chillin wit their partner whom they talk to everyday and see every week so they cant be there for you during those hours of operation.....Go figure

That's the type of stuff I did in high school when I didn't know any better, if you a female and your man force you to eliminate your male friends or you a dude and your girl don't want you having female friends then you better let em know they gonna have to accept your friends regardless of their sex or just tell your friends that you have no backbone so you will have to stop talking to them or hide talking to them. Better yet, reassure them that you will always be their friend when your at work and bored or ONLY when your not chillin with your partner, otherwise, they shouldn't call or text you because they already know you won't respond…..WHACK!! Lets start calling friends like this: Monday-Friday and 9-5 friends cause they take off days, how the hell you consider yourself a full time friend when you only working a seasonal shift?? Half the time they don't even tell you they are with their boo, its excuse after excuse as to why they didn't hit you back week after week.....FREAKIN SAD!!

For example, you ain't seen your friend in weeks, hit em up to hang out at a certain day or time but don't count on seeing them cause they rather be with their boo 24/7, same ol, same ol. People take friends for granted a lot of the time. It's good to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend but when you treat your friends like they are "less important" than your mate then you lose some very good friends in your life. Life isn't certain and relationships are never 100% certain, you might put off kickin it with a friend, and figure…I like seeing my boo all the time but I will kick it with my friends when I feel like it. Remember a person can be alive today and then dead 2morrow from a car crash, random act of violence or whatever.

Have any of you ever had a friend who got in a relationship, vanished then when they DO contact you frequently out of nowhere and try to hang out, its because them and their boo are having PROBLEMS so suddenly.....your hearing from them more often when times are rough. When they work things out with their boo, they not trying to hang out anymore and call you way less......WHAT AN INSULT!! lol

Life is to short to be shady. A weekend a month away from your mate to hang out with friends wont kill anybody. I don't hate people like this nor do i want anyone else to hate them but its shady, point blank. Obviously "Us" and "them" are on two different levels so we gotta say PEACE… aka "I love you, but you have got to GO" There is only so long we can leave the poison in our system before figuring out that we need to remove it before it hurts us to badly. Think about it.......