Ladies....Are You READY to Commit But HE's NOT? READ THIS!

This phenomenon happens to millions of women around the world so do not feel like your STUPID or crazy for being in a situation like this. Eventually if you STILL see no new progress...

Too many Sex Buddies......Not Enough Committed Relationships!

Why ACT like you're in a relationship....when you are NOT? This is how the GREAT confusion occurs. Your Vagina is being Subleased,that's about all i see happening!

Rushed Relationships: Signs, Reasons and Warnings...

Despite what you or anyone else feels, rushing into a relationship does not = relationship security and knowledge of your partner. It is evident that there is ONE key to helping you know someone as a relationship partner and as a friend and that is TIME.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Actions should match WORDS

In this world we know the lie, women lie and some people get deceived on hope. are only as good as your ACTIONS. Peoples Verbal Dreams/Hopes + WORDS can blind you: The trick is simple-> if WORDS and ACTIONS are often NOT in sync....say hello to their REAL personality (WORDS should never be more prevalent than ACTIONS..unless you are being played).

I want some of you to REALLY think about this message, thank me later!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

How To Heal 101

I'm sure there's always someone who may need to read this message right at THIS moment. The picture above is very accurate: Never forget.... An OPEN wound will never heal if you keep poking at it. When taking care of yourSELF becomes the #2 will OFTEN suffer in every other department of life. If you don't believe me.....just think back to times when you put someone else's happiness above your own (Did it feel good? Did it last? Were your own needs being met??). History and EXPERIENCE never tell a lie so start paying attention :-D

IMPORTANT Dating Tips (Short & Sweet List)

Some people have the 'lifelong commitment' mentality followed by 'short term convenience behaviors'. Think about it....

2017 Dating Tips

  • 1. Be OVER your Ex or any past sexual/emotional relationships. (Obvious if you want any longevity and trust)
  • 2. If Distance is of the essence, be sure you two at least have the $$$ to Drive or Fly to see each other at least one trip a month or every two months depending on the people and vacation time. Basically, you two can work on a smooth schedule that is discussed and agreed upon.
  • 3. Rushing anything is always a no-no in any relationship. Seeing people operate these days, I feel like it's a track meet. You become interested in each other then it's READY....SET....GO! Vroooom lets see how fast we can move in together, let's see how fast we can have kids and LAST lets see how fast we can work on getting married (Which never happens 70% of the time). 

I get it, everyone wants to live that fairy-tale relationship and the desire can make us IGNORE all the red flags in the world to try to make it happen. At the end of the day, if you think you found THE ONE then why not take time to get yourself in the best position and learn through time/experiences with the other person before trying to move to the next step?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Life Outside of THE BOX...ever tried it?!

There are MANY ways we can cheat ourselves.... Time to get even! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Never Forget...if you can't feel comfortable being alone, you'll never know if you're choosing someone because they meet your standards or choosing someone because you HATE to be lonely/single.
Unfortunately...there is no shortcut on getting what you FEEL you deserve. Plenty of shortcuts on getting what you THINK is good for you though...but somehow those always end up being temporary ‪#‎ThinkAboutIt‬