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Q&A: Anonymous asked-> Why don't most men show their true feelings??

This question is sometimes comedy because I've seen it asked by women before and i happened to know the men they were involved with at the time too, so believe me when I say this:
  • The FEELING ALOT of the time is: I like her, I'm enjoying the sex, head, VIP treatment etc, and i wanna keep this on lockdown as long as I can <-- THE END
  • There are no advanced feelings there BUT some women seem to think the man is holding them back when they were never there as he has been SHOWING you all along.
  • You MIGHT be a great person but you could just not be that mans TYPE that he can see himself being SERIOUS with. He may like something about your body, character or any random combo of things about you enough toLIKE you and not mind staying around(so in a way, since you have good qualities but are not fully his cup of tea, he has SETTLED for you). And once the physical activities start then DUH he wont want that to stop, especially if its GOOD.
  • So if you KEEP complaining or trying to FORCE him to express to you some type of feelings that he just DOESN'T feel then lies get produced to keep you content/shut you up. MAIN GOAL: "I dont wanna lose my source! Do and SAY what it takes to secure it"

EVERY man can/will hopefully find someone he feels is REALLY A GREAT MATCH for him(MUST be at the RIGHT time in his life as well) and he can show them his TRUE feelings with NO PROBLEM: Sometimes THAT woman just ain't YOU! Stop leaving it to HIS WORD to give you an indication of what to do for yourself next,THE BEHAVIORS DON'T LIE. No matter how hard you are trying or how much you are putting up with....His Dream woman will NEVER be YOU in his eyes/heart,so you just gotta know when to GO.
Actually .......the MORE you put up with THINKING that makes you a "down ass chick" the guys are laughing to see that you are willing to put up with any damn thing they do and start to form the mentality that they KNOW you are NOT goin anywhere so.....the FOOLISHNESS WILL forever continue if women continue to treat 1 average man like he is the only man in the world who can make them happy(When in FACT....you are not even happy though....y'all just share a FEW happy times.....strange paradox). #MarkTheseWordsThough

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