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These days…things are JUST NOT what they seem anymore. I KNOW I can’t be the only person to notice these occurences or to hear these stories from others over the YEARS. Im scared to see how things go in another 10 years, the whole damn society will be speaking a new language and fooling others, we are getting too old to re-learn new lingo, SPEAK TRUTH and SPEAK DIRECT to keep it simple for everyone LOL.

Of COURSE these are not 100% accurate for everyone so dont read this then go around thinking you have everything/everyone figured out if they feed you one of these lines;  but research shows(just kidding) there is a 5 out of 10 chance if you hear or see one of these....ITS A TRICK! Sometimes these statements stand out like a sore thumb when said, sometimes you cant do anything but ---> LMAO <--- if it doesnt seem realistic.

*Disclaimer: These may Only apply if you somewhat KNOW the person and learned some of their typical habits, cant apply it to a stranger lol. And if you claim you NEVER used one of these lines? You lie...you lie! I sure know I used a few of them once upon a time LOL*

Now, I bring you the TOP 10 things that get LOST IN TRANSLATION based on stories from others, facebook, twitter, and anywhere else you talk to people. 
  1. They say: “Goodnight, im going to bed Early”  (At like 7pm though? ok.....sure LOL!)

What they REALLY mean  is “Im about to go cuddle with someone, call someone and talk for the rest of the night or go on a date but I rather not say that…..so don’t bother me!...Goodnight boo”

2. They claim: “Im single by choice”  This REALLY  means:  “Im Not sure why im single, im doing alright…I don’t really LIKE being single…..but it SURE would be nice to be in a relationship *Sighs*”

3. Meet a woman with “big boobs” or a “big booty” to find out that “It was all a dream” *Biggie Voice* Booty Pads and/or Gel inserts in the Bra.

4.  A guy thinks he will have the luxury of pulling some hair in the bedroom only to hear “this Is weave boo, no pulling this unless you buying me another one” #WellDamn…….

5. A woman discovers that a guy has Magnum condoms so she gets excited, only to find out “it’s a baggy fit?” *scratches head* I don’t even WANNA know how THAT gets confused! Smh

6. “Sorry” REALLY means “I just wanna shut you up…so SORRY…did that work?”

7. When you call or text someone and their responses are: “Who is this?”  “Oh…I got a new phone/lost all my contacts so I didn’t have you saved again” REALLY means… “I deleted your number because I didn’t feel the need to stay connected with you….*Shrugs*”

8. “I don’t really get on facebook too much these days” OFTEN  means  “I get on there all the time, you just won’t know it”

9.  “I been super busy so I don’t have time for anything anymore, we will talk or hang out…someday”  

REALLY means  “I been busy, but I already have my people I talk to on breaks or during free time, basically….YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH to get time allocated to contacting you in my busy lifestyle."

10.  And LAST BUT SURELY NOT LEAST! They say  “I haven’t had sex in soooo long”

This Really means  “Oh of course I don’t go too long without sex, BUT…. Its just not with someone WORTHY of claiming so…..I’m "celibate" and I’m sticking with my story”

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