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Jealousy and One-Sided People

I am going to write about a few random things I have been witnessing oh so often and a topic request from a friend that i found interesting.

Question: IF you put your money in a vending machine, wouldn't it be normal to expect your product to come down or get your money back?

I ask that question because i assume that most people would like to receive back what they give or deserve. Whether it be money or feelings. I once wondered why there are so many people in the world who seem to be one sided. They want to talk crazy to you like you are beneath them, but if you even start to talk back to them how hey talk to you then they see it as disrespectful/bogus. Or maybe they treat you like you are SUPPOSE to do things for them but when the time comes around to when you need their help or assistance...they do NOTHING for you at all. If they don't give you an excuse then they will just tell you NO even though you clearly know you already helped them out before in the same fashion.

What about when people get mad or seem jealous to the fact that you have a life. Ever happened to you? Basically somebody would get mad at you that the relationship/friendship is not ALL about them. If you have a job then its a problem, if you got a man/woman then its a problem,if you have friends then its a problem, if you like to enjoy your alone time then its a problem because that's just gonna be so and so amount of time that you wont be focusing on the person who seems to be jealous. In my opinion., ALL OF THAT IS CRAZY!!

There are ONLY two options you have when you run into a one sided person who has traits such as those listed above:

1) You can CONFRONT them and let them know that you notice that they may be a little to far fetched if you noticed that they would not do for you as you would do for them. You should SERIOUSLY re consider calling that person a FRIEND if you have to be uncertain that they would help you when in need. Also if they hate on you because they see that you are doing good things in life and you might not be able talk or hang out with them as much: Then you need to REMIND THEM that friends support each other no cripple each other.....so ask them "what have you done for me lately?

2) You can just acknowledge and accept that this person who is your friend or relationship partner is ONE SIDED, want you to do things that they wont do for you, treat you how they would not want you to treat them and etc. Believe it or not some people TRULY do not know they are one sided like that because no one has ever let them know about it or they just wont listen to what someone has to say about their personality. Either way, your main option should be to just LEAVE THEM ALONE if you cannot take or get use to it because not to many people will change that trait or see it as a problem and its not up to US to try to change someone because we all know that's a lost cause most of the time/pointless attempts......

LEAVE those one sided people alone! When you confront someone with an issue you have with them then it will be alright, as a person/woman/man you have spoke your honest opinion so feel good about that. If they are trying to work on helping the situation then I say that you should give them credit IF you see SERIOUS attempts to change their lop-sided manners.

Why stay at the vending machine that is not dispensing your selection after you put your money in when you can just move to the next vending machine that works FINE or.....you can take your hungry butt back home and not have any snacks at all! Think about it..............


  1. I would have to say, that I have been in this situation several times and I've decided to cut the strings. They have gotten mad and called me all types of names because they felt guilty!

  2. I have to disagree. The person who you think is one sided may really love you, but is just sad that you are "forcing yourself to think that you are not happy" that's right i said it "forcing yourself to be not happy," so you find someone else becuase you think the old love is a doosh and that they do not are for you. Turns out that maybe they have a Tough time with their feelings! Just give it a chance. That's what relationships are about. I'm sorry if u feel it's only about me, it's not. And also. Remember I will always love you no matter what. I hope you read this you know who you are.