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Repeating the Same 'Mistakes' While Expecting DIFFERENT Outcomes (Definition of INSANITY)

If u look good + talk a nice game + ask a few questions over the span of a few weeks/months, people would SWEAR they are "ready" for a Relationship with you LOL.

Silly Rabbits..... *THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT for taking TIME to know a person.* Asking a million questions only accounts for about 40% of what you will need to know about the person(since you reply on them to TELL you their answer which may be true, false or PADDED).

For EVERYONE and ANYONE who struggles with relationship consistency and keeps making the SAME mistakes time and time again..... try something new..TAKE YOUR TIME, i assure you a much healthier and happy relationship when you do form one. Single/Alone/Lonely time is NEEDED and should be appreciated while you have it, let your mind grow and your heart heal.

P.s. being friends with benefits, but ACTING like you are in a relationship but you both are technically single does not = “I took my time to get to know them…..they are not the person I thought they were…..(insert online rants here_____). Ummm *FAIL*

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