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#MaleAdvice - To THIRST or Not To THIRST?

#MaleAdvice - To THIRST or not To THIRST? AKA "Get this man some damn water!" 

It appears these days that the male thirst and being overly emotional has DRASTICALLY increased, especially online. 

The Example below is The MOST OBVIOUS Clue in the world that women say but thirsty men seem to overlook it then get mad for when things didn't go their way: Then the guys have the NERVE to start bashing women online? LOL geeeze (Read Below)

->> Fellas, when you hear/see a woman making obvious status messages about Missing an Ex, wanting to be with their boo or any statement that is about ANOTHER MAN besides you, then BACK OFF! There is no competition you can win there! That is like seeing a woman holding up a big bright red sign that says "I am still in love with HIM or still deeply care for another man: flirt at your own risk" <---- Why in the world would you expect anything to special to blossom?? Fellas CAN you listen or READ or does seeing some titties/ass make you throw all logic out the window and still go for IT!?

1. It is NEVER our job to help a woman "get over someone", that is her own personal journey she must go through if she wants to have any successful future relationship with someone else. 7 times out of 10, we will LOSE this battle sooner or later.

The equation of THIRST generally looks something like this:

Her Ex / her baggage + Your thirst  = Only a Distraction from her tackling her real issues

Her distraction + Her Ex + Your persistence of thirst x you starting to form feelings for her = MASS CONFUSION

Mass confusion + You thinking you can take her mind off her ex + HER + Her Ex x the fact that they still communicate often = You Getting Played in the Long Run

You getting played from your own thirst + MassConfusion + Time = HER EX IS STILL IN THE PICTURE AND IS STILL MUCH MORE PRIORITY TO HER THAN YOU ARE.

so.... Her Ex + Her Baggage + Your thirst + Time + Mass confusion = Her Ex Thanking you for keeping his girl distracted from making a tough decision while he works himself back through the door. =.... YOU MAD NOW huh? LOL Fall back and be a MAN with some insight, you'll get very far. 

Stay thirsty My Friends.....

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