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Friends Vs. Fictions (aka they're not really your friends)

Hello, how is everyone doing today? I OFTEN see people consider the wrong people to be their FRIENDS while classifying the people who care about them as "Fake" or "bad" friends. Chase people who don't want you in their life only to shun those who would love to keep you in their lives. WE'VE ALL SEEN OR DONE IT BEFORE.

Friends Vs. Fictions (aka they're not really your friends)

+Friend "things have been CRAZY for me, I'll contact you sometime this week with the story"
-Fiction "Oh sorry, I've just been busy...whats up?"

+Friend can GIVE you advice and receive your constructive criticism too.
-Fiction only seems to "care" about you when they NEED the advice or some other help or something ELSE(sex, company, money, transportation, bored, etc)

+Friend "You need help? I got you...don't even worry about it"
-Fiction "You need help? ehhh let me get back to you on that one................"

+Friend "Ohhh I think i found a potential boo thang, things are going really smooth between us so far"
-Fiction "Oh...i been alright, nothing new in my life. Same ol, Same ol" Then....... VANISH!

It's alllll really black and white once you understand the system. The only pain you may feel is when you accidentally thought a fiction was a real Friend.  #KnowTheirRole

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