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TOP 7 Things We Wanna See Different in 2012 for Social Networks

I created and posted an update on Google+ about The top 7 Things We Wanna See different on Social Networks in 2012. Dj Chester shared my post on his website so i figured i would share it on my blog as well, PROPS to http://www.XlUrbanMedia.com the original shared link is below(I copy and pasted the full text below for your convenience too. ENJOY and don't forget to comment, with questions, comments, concerns, additions, etc.

7 Annoying Things We Want Changed On Social Networks in 2012

I stumbled upon this article while reading through my Google+ stream and it definitely caused quite a commotion in the comment section. With the internet ever-expanding and becoming more of a daily routine for young adults, it's easy to become annoyed with the things you see from others. From random occurrences of "Thirst" to the slander and subtweets, it has become more difficult to keep quiet about these issues. But with a new year comes a fresh start and our Guest Blogger Keem R (follow him on Google+ Keem R) has broken down his Top 7 list of things we DO NOT need to see on Social Networks in 2012. 
1. LADIES  If you are overweight , that is understandable. But as far as the pictures goes...taking 100 FACE-ONLY pics from the neck up to hide the rest of yourself is dead. Be proud of what you currently look like since thats how you look to everyone else when you go out in public. Thick women and big women get plenty of love online...no need to HIDE!
2. FELLAS ... please KILL those "God has blessed me with your picture today, you are as beautiful as an African queen" comments on these ladies pics, i mean....damn, seriously? 6 times out of 10 you do flatter the woman with a compliment but she is also laughing at you for being a tad bit extra. Let me guess, you want God to bless you with her gtalk or phone number next right? YIKES!
3. LADIES .... If you have a GAP between your teeth, please do not be afraid to smile as normal. You can take all the pics you want doing that little awkward smile where you never open your mouth but if you have a gap...cmon! Let's be honest, you can still be cute, so what exactly are you hiding it for? When we see or meet you in public do you plan to keep your mouth closed all day? NO! Plus I actually think gaps are cute lol. So do your thang ladies!
4. FELLAS .... Stop trying to brag about your sexual abilities to "lure" the women to wanna inbox you! I dont know whats worse... seeing posts about dudes claiming to wear magnums or seeing the post from the women who slept with them mention MEN WEARING BAGGY CONDOMS lol, i noticed a correlation!
5. FELLAS.... If you CLEARLY are BROKE or barely have extra money after you get paid thenwhy in the WORLD do you specialize in trying to form LONG DISTANCE relationships?You do know that MONEY is required to buy plane tickets right? And women do like to actually hangout in person at least once a month if possible if they are in a long distance fling. Come on son! Be realistic, Skype Love can only last x amount of months before physical touch is needed!  lol
6. LADIES ... Ya'll know I love ya'll right? Okay good! But I must say, BASHING MEN or Spreading Business about your "boo" MUST GO! If you are truly going to leave the person alone then it's all good but what is the POINT in publicly bashing your "boo" only to go back to sleeping with them within the next 2 weeks? He still treating you like sh*t and getting The Goods so that "Sucka" is still winning, but what about YOU though? Whatever happens between closed doors is your life, but I want to see women stop PUBLICLY LOSING in 2012. Trust me, you lose some respect if you have publicly shared with us that you do not respect yourself...or your kids!
7. This one is for EVERYONE! (It'sactually #1) CHILL OUT WITH THOSE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES AND POSTS (you know, the hateful ones)!! If something I, them or whoever says truly bothers you then you have a few options...
1.) Just ignore us
2.) EASILY block us so you dont have to see us again or
3.) IF YOU WANNA CREATE A PUBLIC POST TO SUBLIMINALY DISS SOMEONE THEN @ THEM like an adult with some balls! I mean whats the worst that can happen? An internet boxing match with a COMPLETE STRANGER? who cares lol. But let's take a look at the deeper isues here. The more serious you take these social networks, the LESS serious you might be taking your life outside of one.
Well that sums up Keem's Top 7 list of things we need the males as well as the females to change in 2012. But what do YOU think is the question? Do you agree or disagree with Keem's list? Do you think he left anything out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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