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What Time Is It? Time To Wake Up!

Introducing the Wrist Watch Time Machine! Specially tailored for those who fear being alone and ALWAYS keep a “Safety Net” of Ex’s, Ex’ flings or Old loves around to avoid ever really experiencing Loneliness. Being single while wearing this watch means that you are NOT really single at all. Your body is single(for your conscious sake) but your mind and/or heart has already been given to the OLD people so the NEW people you meet VIRTUALLY have about a 20% chance at “making an impact”. The Ex’s treat you any kind of way and still hold top priority, New people treat you good and barely earn any priority. 

You often meet people who has been through a lot and comprehend a lot but when you know them, you see they have not LEARNED a lot because they are wearing this WATCH. Having a Safety net is more HARM than beneficial. That’s like an adult bowling with the kiddy bumpers up to avoid going into the gutter. You MIGHT get a good score BUT YOU ARE NOT A GOOD BOWLER!

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