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Depression no more....Take back your life! (control your happiness)

The fact of the matter is.....WE can have full control our own happiness and/or sorrows. Everyday brings two new questions: Are we going to enjoy what we have in our lives or are we going to dwell on what we have in our lives? Play your cards with confidence! Don't be the person depressed that they don't have an Ace in their hand.

Is your relationship with a certain person bringing you down instead of lifting you up? Time to REALIZE that for what it is.

Are you friends with certain people who have negative personalities and full of drama? Time to REALIZE

Are you having 1 too many drinks or taking more of those pain medications than you should be? Time to open your eyes....

We all love a paycheck but do you secretly hate your job? Time to open your eyes..

The less awareness that you have about your environment (friendships, relationship partner, behaviors & stressors), the easier it will be for you to suffer depressive symptoms.

Facts About Depression and depressive episodes:
Depression can have a serious impact on your mental and physical health. Feeling sad or moody at certain periods in life is seen as normal depending on the situation. With depressive symptoms, you'll notice intense feelings of sadness, anger, etc. for extended periods of time (weeks or months and possibly YEARS). Sometimes these episodes can hit you with no reason at all if you are not aware of your environment, life circumstance, relationship satisfaction, alcohol.drug abuse, etc.

Signs and symptoms of depression that you should ask yourself or a loved one:
  • Do you have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness?
  • Less interest in sexual activities?
  • Have you lost interest in some of your daily activities?
  • Have you experienced appetite or weight changes?
  • Notice any sleep changes?
  • Have you noticed an increase in Anger or irritability?
  • Loss of energy?
  • Reckless behavior?

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