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Ladies......Are you READY to commit but HE's NOT? READ THIS!!

In a situation now where your ready for a serious relationship but your guy doesn't seem to be on the same page?

Been together for a while and you wonder when will he decide to take the relationship seriously?

Have you ever just wondered all of the above, mentioned it and got NO response from your guy or been given a watered down answer that basically means NO?

If so......he probably isn't ready for one reason or the other. This phenomenon happens to millions of women around the world so do not feel like your STUPID or crazy for being in a situation like this.
Eventually if you STILL see no new progress and he just lallygagging around the topic/not making any moves towards being settled down then you may have to do ONE of three SURE TACTICS(that's what i call them) to invoke action or shed light on some TRUTH as to he may not be ready to settle down with YOU(because sometimes, its not about the guy, its about what the woman does or her personality that can make a guy determine you are not his long term type....so don't feel bad, everyone has preferences if that is the case):

1. In a NOT so rude way, IF you two are sexually active, just tell him you thought about it, you feel your too old to be sexing with no further strings attached because you can get that from ANY random guy on the street so you decided to just preserve yourself for a FULL, REAL relationship with someone who is ready to be on your level. Then.....i mean, if he is smart and truly not ready for a serious relationship you will get the exact truth at that moment or you will get some run around lines telling you everything you wanna hear so he wont lose the sex source, it will all be visible what his intentions are, trust me.

2. Tell him, you two should probably not hang out as much on a dating level because your just ready to stop the POINTLESS dating that leads NOWHERE. If you have a child(ren)then state that you want them(your child) to start being able to see a steady guy in your life, not different ones since they are getting older and more knowledgeable, needs a role model in their life. So for your heart and child's sake, tell him if he is not ready to be in a SERIOUS COMMITTED relationship at the moment then you will understand because you cant force anyone but you just have to do whats right for yourself and for your child, THEN you will see what he says: monitor his reactions and let it guide you in determining if you should just move on or not.

3. for a good month stretch, you can decline some of his invitations, don't invite him to go anywhere, and even directly tell him, you are going out with an old guy friend from high school or college. After a while, whether he seems jealous or not or he mentions your "guy friend" you gotta tell him the guy friend is on YOUR level, looking for long term commitment, has a career, grown, mature and has a kid that he would like to have a mother for, and you have NEVER met a guy who was truly serious about finding someone, so ask Mr. don't wanna settle down....."should i move on or what? I care for you more obviously but....at this age and in my situation i really cant sit around and wait for a guy to take years to determine if he wants to settle down with me, i always learned if you want something to be yours, you make it yours and cherish it....."

After that, if he tells you to move on with the other guy then, you probably should fall back and continue the prayers because God will send suitable ones your direction, one way or the other even though we cant determine WHEN he will do it. If he says a bunch of garbage, talks in circles, says he cares about you "but this, but that" then he IS NOT ready, and it will be EVIDENT. So as a woman you can only ask yourself: "do i wanna wait around for this guy to be ready to settle down, which may NEVER happen as the time passes" And realistically speaking........5 of every 10 guys(i know or witnessed) may truly take some time to settle down and wanna be with the girl when THEY are ready. But I OFTEN witness the guy just agreeing to be in a relationship to "shut her up" and still doing sneaky business on the side....i see it happen oh so often. THIS IS WHY i NEVER recommend you to force a guy to do, say or act on anything that they are not ready to. At MOST you can do these things to determine if he is worth waiting for or if you should move on and seriously STOP wasting precious time, the world does NOT revolve around ONE partner, as long as you always remember that.....you will have enough confidence to get through any situation you are put in.

If any of you give it a try, let me know how it works out though lol. I will be waiting for the results within a month or so.


  1. I couldnt agree more; mainly because I had to put my foot down in a similar situation. I do have a 2 year old son and, quite frankly, I cannot continue to engage in dead end relationships within men that have self-centered intentions. I suggest ANY male/female go out and purchase Hill Harper's "The Conversation". It shoots straight from the hip regarding relationships.

  2. I really needed to read this

  3. I been with my man forever and am waiting round for him. I tried this and it didnt go smooth as I thought. I may have to try this spell caster you ladies are talking about.

  4. I did the 2nd option on my own just recently because i have children. And we are not together. Nice relationship but i have no interest in playing ring around the rosey. Happy as evet now.