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Making POSITIVE Changes To Your Life *Made Simple* “Work harder on YOURSELF than you do on your job/social relationships.”

Making positive change in your life doesn’t have to be all or nothing for you to see positive results.

You can start slow and change your life piece by piece until you feel comfortable with who you are, what you’re doing and what you have achieved. This worksheet for positive change will help you identify the personal qualities you possess now and the ones you want to express.

Next it will help you decide what you're currently doing in your life that brings you joy so that can do more of it.
And also what’s bringing you the most anger and frustration, so you can eliminate these things from your life. All this - one step at a time.

Maybe you want a life filled with great food, great friends and great adventure. It doesn’t matter what you want to be, do or have as long as you have a plan to get thereGetting there should be half the fun. If the things you want to be, do and have are not bringing you joy then you’re doing it all for the wrong reasons.

You must look within to really, truly decide what you want on the outside.

Don’t do things because it's the next big thing. And don’t become someone you have to TRY to be. You’ll get burned out and frustrated.

“Work harder on yourself then you do on your job/social relationships.”
Whenever I’m struggling in my life, I always go back to that empowering quote above and see where I am putting most of my time and energy. Is it on things I truly want to be, do and have? Or am I chasing a wave? Trying to be someone I’m not?
 It makes a huge difference when you focus your time and energy on the things you truly want to accomplish.

This worksheet for positive change is about taking inventory of your life. Keeping what works and discarding the rest.(WRITE IT DOWN/PRINT IT!) *Calendar, Poster Board, ANY canvas where you can LOOK at it*

Here it is – *Note: There is never a RUSH to complete this, do it at your pace, and have a CLEAR MIND + Be DISTRACTION Free while thinking, writing and reflecting. Things will ONLY work for you as good as the effort you put into it.*

1. What personal qualities do you love about yourself?

2. What personal qualities would you love to possess?

3. Currently in your life right now, what/who makes you the happiest?

4. What AND WHO makes you sad, angry or frustrated? (No need to say WHY, just list names, actions and/or things.)

5. Are you doing something you absolutely love to earn a living?

6. Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing and haven’t yet?

7. Do you have just what you need in life right now or less?

8. Would you love to be satisfied or greatly rewarded for your personal efforts in life?

9. Do you fear personal change or just haven’t made any yet?

10. How many times a week do you get completely frustrated and want to quit what you’re doing?

11. Do you laugh out loud at least twice a day?

12. If you knew you could NOT fail, what would you attempt to be, do or have?

Asking yourself questions is a great way to get to know yourself and the situation you’re in. It will also help you set goals that are meaningful to you. Making positive change in your life could be as simple as getting up 15 minutes earlier and writing in your journal before you start your day. Even removing curse words from your everyday conversations can make a DIFFERENCE. Just make changes that make you feel good and inspire you to keep going is the beginning of personal life change.

Use this worksheet for positive change to change gears in your life or to choose a completely new path for yourself.
It’s your life –it’s time to start living it! - #KeezyMadeYouDoIt 

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