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HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF & Find your INNER MOTIVATION(follow these steps for SUCCESS or I will give you your time back for reading!)

How To Love Yourself - If you REALLY want to LOVE yourself, PLEASE start doing these things listed below! Its the ONLY WAY to ensure Happiness ;-)

1. Take care of your needs LAST.

I mean, they’ll get taken care of somehow, by someone, right? Not only should you take care of your needs last, you should also keep quiet about your needs. Wouldn’t want to burden anyone else with your ‘issues’. You know.....

2. Talk to yourself in a critical tone.

Make sure that voice in your head is set on “Mean Ol’ Nag” mode. Become your own biggest enemy! Harshly criticize yourself for minor mistakes in judgment. Point out all of your flaws and magnify them.

3. Hang around NEGATIVE PEOPLE.

The best way to show that you love yourself is to hang around people who drain you… whiners, complainers, victims, and
the like. Be sure to get sucked into their drama all the time. Doing this shows you know how to love yourself.

4. Eat crappy food and don’t take your butt to the gym.

Yay for processed, unhealthy food! And YAY couch+TV! Who really cares about how their body looks and feels? Cancer? Bring it on! Heart disease? You betcha. An unhealthy body and potentially life threatening health issues at age 40? – sign me up! Damn you know that Orgasmic feeling you get when you put your mouth on that fast food like...EVERYDAY? I LOVE IT! Who has time to count calories? We only live once right? Yummyyyy Gyrosssssssss 

5. Look for other people’s approval.

Before making ANY decisions in your life, make sure that you ask everyone else their opinion. Then take it to heart. It’s important to always follow the majority - they’re usually right. Look, a majority of people have enslaved minorities throughout history. You’ll be in good company if you listen to the general consensus. Plus.....we want people to treat us like adults right? the ONLY way to get that done is to make SURE you ask your parents, family members or friends about what we should do BEFORE we do it.

6. Watch the news. 

Clutter your mind with thoughts of violence, crime, and injustice every night before you go to bed. Who needs to sleep peacefully? Fill your evenings with fear in the form of “news” stories devoted to making you hate and be suspicious of your neighbors. 

7. Be completely devoted to Hidden Messages and "Signs from God".

Score two points in the “how to love yourself” department if your belief system starts with You Are Born a Sinner. Live in fear of eternal damnation. Believe that you are powerless and weak if you live an authentic life. Know that you are going to hell for being who you are. YAY!

8. Let your emotions guide your life. 

Do not let your sense of reason come into the equation. Simply let your emotions run you… listen to all of your doubts. Act on any little thing you “feel”. Fun things to do: Make really loud and public speeches when you are angry or show anxiety and miss opportunities. You will definitely be showing self-respect when you do this, I promise!

9. Stay in limiting relationships and arrangements.

How dare you believe that you should be able to have what you want in life!? That idea is BLASPHEMY! Stick with your job that doesn’t challenge or excite you… you only spend HALF of your life there. Why should you get to enjoy what you do? And that relationship you’re in… the one that sucks the joy out of you, but you stay because of the kids, the family, or your own guilt… by all means, keep it. Whenever one of you dies, you’ll finally get to have the life you deserve so its ALL WORTH IT ;-). And your EX? oh they are NOT an EX for a reason, MAKE SURE you keep talking to them, hell....even have sex with them occasionally to preserve your "partner count". Its just sex right? You dont "have feelings for them" remember? This wont cloud your mind AT ALL, TRUST ME!

10. Treat everyone else better than you treat yourself.

This is the foundation of learning how to love yourself. When you treat everyone else better than you treat yourself, at least THEY will respect you… or will they? Wait. How does it go again?

If you do ANY of the numbers listed above, YOU ARE LIMITING YOUR LIFE IN A MAJOR WAY! If you did not notice, the points listed are those that many people do now that may be HURTING THEM and they did not even realize it(You know that feeling like you are STUCK in a bad dream, except its your REALITY).  

In fact these points are the OPPOSITE of what you probably should be doing to ENSURE a positive life and happy/safe future. NEVER to late to re-evaluate OUR lives, I had to re-post this because quite frankly, some of US (yeah, me included sometimes) dont realize things until we READ it! HEARING it does not work, people TELLING you does not work and sometimes you just cant grasp why you are NOT HAPPY but you realize....you are NOT HAPPY. Well, READ and thank me later :-)


  1. At first i was wondering where you were going with this,i was like does he know what he's talking about,how is anyone supposed to be happy doing this,until i got to the end,much better..good write up.

  2. I didnt realize I do all these things!! Thanks for the wake up call. sometimes its awesome to read what not to do! Never too late..:o