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Why Do? Why Not? ( Get it Together)

WHY DO haters smile in your face and talk about you when your NOT around? WHY NOT just let a person know you don't like them to their face and keep it real?

WHY DO women share secrets with each other but are quick to tell that one other person their business followed by "don't tell nobody i told you this but..."?? WHY NOT just keep your mouth shut and be glad that someone confided in you on a personal level??

WHY DO I now realize that the enemies i currently have are NOT because of my OWN causing, but because of people that i formerly trusted telling other people something that made them not like me or instigating from a misconception?? WHY NOT just be easy in life and try to bring people together with positive words instead of pulling them apart from negative ones because you like seeing drama???

WHY DO people say one thing, mean another thing and then ACT out something different?? WHY NOT just be consistent with what you say you mean and Act how you speak??

WHY DO women want men to cheat on their girls for a night but when the same man asks the woman would she want her man to cheat on her for just a night she says "HELL NAW"??? WHY NOT just accept and respect peoples relationship status, if they are sending you mixed signals and you bite the bait, just don't be surprised if your man(when you get one) does the same thing to another woman and you BETTER not get mad at her if she took the bait and slept with him or got feelings for him lol, REAL TALK, do what you want done to you.

WHY DO people make threats behind your back or indirectly, call you bitch's and hoes to other people but they dont say a damn thing to you personally, don't send you a message, dont call you to confirm the beef, they just TALK on the low to others about you???? WHY NOT just let a person know if you do not favor them for whatever reason and you two can either fight it out one on one or just disregard each others presence until you resolve the issue...if ever?????

WHY DO people say they have your back but.....THEY DON'T when the time comes?? WHY NOT just tell a person you have their back when you feel like it instead of letting them think your a ride or die friend who will fight with them and kill with them??

WHY DO people think your "interested" in them just because your nice to them? WHY NOT just realize that there are still a few nice people left in the world and it doesn't have to be any hidden meaning to their social nature??

WHY DO people let compliments go to their head and then strive to make sure they keep getting more compliments? WHY NOT just be happy doing what you do, how you do it. Realize that 50% of the compliments we hear are phony or just hidden attraction messages by others whether they meant it or not LOL, i witnessed a comment like "you look nice in that" can translate to "damn i wish i could see you naked" ha ha ha ha ya'll already know whats up. Try not to let compliments make or break you because some are genuine, some are fake, good or bad.

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