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Are Some Feelings Better Left UN-SAID?

A good mystery to women about men happens to be their feelings towards a situation or a specific person.....I don't know about you, him, her or the other but I think i can add 50 cents to the mystery coming from a man's point of view.

Hmmm where should i start? OK first, most of the time i see a big mistake being made with women and their thoughts or interpretations of a mans behavior towards them. In some cases, if a man wants to contact you more than the average, visits you a good amount, talks nice to you or whatever has the woman feelin good for however long, it can JUST be that the guy is:

1.) really feelin you as a good friend

2.) If ya'll haven't had sex, he is just doing whats needed and even some extra work to get that from you at all costs and 75 percent of his words/feelings he says that he has for you are exaggerated to butter the woman up


3.)If you already got down before and he likes your talents then no man will wanna let a woman with good "skills" go no matter what!! Alot of the time the man can have no feelings at all for a woman but if he See's that he might lose her to someone else(meaning that he might get less action) then he will probably say anything to keep your mind wrapped up: he loves you, he wants to be with you, and all just to keep his "MVP" around.....THIS I KNOW!!!

But on the other hand if a guy does have feelings for a woman and he doesn't chose to express them it might be for a few reasons.

1.) I mean some guys just feel that them even calling, texting or being around the woman more than once a week is "showing" enough feelings because obviously they are spending time with you and probably no time or a little time with their other female friends so the guy doesn't see a need to verbally say the mushy words.

2.) Not to say women catch feelings first all the time, but some times the woman starts to catch feelings but the guy just ain't got a chance to catch feelings yet(everybody does that at their own pace) or maybe he has feelings but they are not as strong as the woman's feelings so when he says how he feels it looks like its "not enough" cause the woman has higher feelings at that moment for him and she doesn't wanna accept that or it didn't register that maybe he doesn't feel that strongly about her. And women looking for MORE words/feelings really STAND OUT(don't think we don't detect that) and that can really push a brotha away cause it feels like you are forcing us to have stronger feelings for you that just ain't formed in our minds yet.

3.) Some men are to blame too cause its really better to just be honest about the feelings even if they aren't as strong as the what the woman is showing. it is better to just let the woman know that if you feelin em then your feelin them and if your not feelin them as much as you think they are feeling you then just say yada yada "i cant say that i feel that strong about you but it might take some time, blah blah" you get my drift cause when you start sayin empty or half azz words when it comes to feelings, women WILL start noticing that your full of it, one day or the next cause true feelings are accompanied by actions that show it!! now some women are a lil blinded for one reason or the other lol but eventually they will get the drift if your not keepin it real about how you feel, whether good or bad.

Another reason men might have feelings but not wanna express it is because they have been taken advantage of before, you know...somebody took their words or feelings and burned em so who wants to go through that AGAIN? I feel you gotta make change to grow, so if you get burned its natural to not wanna spill your heart to the next chick but if you really feel somethin special then its good to occasionally speak on how you feel and do those lil special things for the lady. Is it better to not admit to strong feelings and have the girl fall into someone elses arms because you wanted to have to much of a barrier up, or would it be better to just let go of your memories of being burned and treat every woman as a different person(never compare one to the next), proceed with caution, not stupidity. Like i said above, maybe you cant forget the negative but use it to make you smarter and mature, don't use it as a shield to all who come after the storm.

And last but not least, some men just flat out do not think it is manly at all to express feelings. Maybe they can say they love you but to say anything else about how they feel or how you make them feel is just absurd and will make them feel "gay". Every guys seems to wanna be tough now at days so that makes it THAT much harder for them to open up and be honest about their feelings.

Overall, feelings probably should be EXPECTED from anyone, if you gain feelings for someone and you express that how you express it then no one has to MATCH you. Even if a guy does not show to much feelings or emotions, just be easy and wonder if the guy even has feelings for you in the first place or does he just feel that he has to try and match your words and actions(that happens ALOT when feelings are discussed). Some men display feelings different than others, so if Mr.X shows strong feelings by just calling you everyday but he never says those sweet nothings in your ear then that's just him and that's just how he shows his feelings, may not seem "valid" enough to alot of people but its real important to HIM so it should be respected or if you cant handle it, just leave him alone cause trying to change a man and his emotional admittance/display might be a wasted effort cause you will just mold him to be fake and do stuff he never liked doing.

There are men who say those "movie script" lines, let you know that you bring a twinkle to their eyes, your the love of their life, and etc. and they mean it, but some women just might not see or ever hear those lovely words for the simple fact that............they just aren't THAT special to make the man say those words.....that's food for thought.

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